FlashTiming has teamed with AGEE RACE TIMING to bring you 2 powerful and easy to use RFID timing systems:



Agee Race Timing, a 4 port RFID reader, 4 RFID antennas with tripod mounts, 500 reusable RFID shoe tags.



AGEE RACE TIMING, a 4 port RFID reader, 4 RFID antennas with truss, 1000 disposable RFID tags for bib.



The FT-RIFD Solutions have everything you need to run an efficient RFID timed race. Use Agee Race Timing software to create your meet, register athletes and program RFID tags. On meet day, setup your computer, RFID reader and antennas at the finish line, and distribute the RFID tags to the runners. AGEE RACE TIMING software records the runners and their times automatically as they cross the finish line, and scores the meet.

Choose between a ground or truss mounted antenna system. The ground mounted system comes with 4 tripods that position the antennas close to the ground to read shoe tags. The truss mounted system includes a truss to mount the antennas overhead and on the sides to read bib tags.

Event Management. Time multiple races at the same time or with
staggered starting times. Collects split times in multi-lap events.
Swap athletes from one event to another with ease.
Online Capabilities. Create free event websites with a single click of a button.
Online registration is automatically available on the website. Easily upload
photos, course maps, mail-in registration forms, results, or any other
file to the website through the software.
Reporting Tools. Print Overall, Age Division, or Team results any time
during the race by clicking a single button. Numerous other reports are
also available. All reports can be exported to Word, Excel, or PDF.
Import/Export Capabilities. Import race participants from any Excel file, no
special format required. Export athletes and performances to Excel, PDF, or Word.
Built-In Training Tools. Come up to speed quickly on all the software’s
features with built-in video tutorials, helpful hints and user manual.
Automatic Photo Capture. Attach a Canon SLR camera and the software
will automatically take a photo of every finisher.
Public Display. Attach a large screen TV to the finish line computer and the
software can display each finishers name, time, and associated team the
moment each person finishes.
Map/Course Creation. Built-in course mapping tools powered by
RunningAhead.com and MapMyRun.com.
Results Kiosk. Display scrolling results on a laptop for your coaches
and athletes to view.

Click here to download a free trial version of Agee Race Timing Software.

FT-RFIDG Package………………….$4995.00*
(Includes AGEE RACE TIMING, 4 port RFID reader, 4 RFID antennas,
4 tripods and 500 reusable RFID shoe tags.)

FT-RFIDT Package………………….$5995.00*
(Includes AGEE RACE TIMING, 4 port RFID reader, 4 RFID antennas,
Truss with 4 antenna mounts and 1000 Disposal RFID tags for race bibs.
Race bibs not included.)

100 Reusable RFID Shoe Tags ………….$75.00
1000 Disposable RFID Tags for Bibs …$250.00

*Up to 4 weeks lead time.