FlashTiming’s versatile FT-Display Mobile can be used anywhere and can be controlled by your smart phone!


FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display

FT-Display Mobile  
is multi-sport, full featured and ideal for a variety of timing purposes:

RACE CLOCK Use with FlashTiming software to automatically start the clock. Add the photo beam to show unofficial winning time. Display a lap counter and sound the buzzer for the bell lap during distance races.
SPEED AND AGILITY TESTING – Add a touch pad and photo beam to time your 40 yard dash, 5-10-5 shuttle or other speed and agility drills, or test sprinters’ times out of the blocks.
PERIOD CLOCK – Use in football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, volleyball or any other sport during practice to keep your workouts on schedule and cover all your drills.
CROSS COUNTRY – Our unique XC feature allows you to simultaneously display the distance, current race time and projected finish time.
INTERVAL TRAINING – Configure the clock for interval training and pace workouts with built in buzzer to keep your athletes on pace.
STOPWATCH or TIMER – Use it to time your athletes during workouts. Display Lap and Split times.

FT-Display Mobile is a general purpose display:

RACE RESULTS – Send race entries and results from FlashTiming software.
PERFORMANCE BOARD – Set up next to any field event and show athlete’s name and distance or height.
TEXT DISPLAY – Use for general announcements and advertising.
SCOREBOARD – Keep score at any event. Display scores, time, period, and timeouts! Great for any level of competition

FT-Display Mobile is versatile and portable. Use it in the gym or on the field for any sport. FT-Display Mobile is easily controlled by your smart phone or FlashTiming radio.