FlashTiming has the FAT Solution that meets your needs and budget:


Our video-based system with higher camera resolution and higher frame rates–up to 200fps, exceeding the 2010-2011 NCAA requirements for FAT. The basic FT-FAT200 package is available for as little as $4995.00
*Covered by US Patent 8,675,452. Other patents pending.




The ideal solution for high schools on a tight budget. FT-FAT60 is based on NTSC video and produces a time stamped video frame every 0.017 seconds. The basic FT-FAT60 package is available for as little as $2195.00


What is FT-FAT?
Fully Automatic Timing or FAT is a timing system in which the clock is automatically activated by the starting device, and the finish time is either automatically recorded, or timed by analysis of a photo finish.

Our innovative radio-linked system and easy-to-use software:
    Coordinates readiness between the starter and timer officials
    Captures and saves time-encoded video of the finish line
    Reviews the captured video
    Records the athletes’ times
    Transfers results to your meet management application

Accurate Times – Encodes times every 1/60th or 1/120th second with accuracy to 5 milliseconds
    Fast Results – Captured videos are ready to review seconds after the race is over
    Easy to Use – Record times and transfers heat sheets and race results to/from your meet management software with a click of a mouse
    Affordable – Costs thousands of dollars less than other systems on the market