Video/Power Cables Specifications


Simplifies your video camera installation by carrying power and video over one cable. We offer professionally made cables in a variety lengths. The video cable has BNC on both ends. One end plugs directly into your video camera. The other end comes equipped with a BNC to RCA adaptor to plug into your FT-FAT Timer Unit. The power wire has 5.5mm – 2.1mm power plugs on both ends.

Price………..15ft:   $ .20.00
25ft:  $ .25.00
35ft:  $  32.00
50ft:     $  40.00
75ft:  $  60.00
100ft:    $. 80.00
150ft:    $110.00
250ft:    $225.00
328ft:    $295.00
500ft:    $410.00