Camera Stand Specifications

camerastand_rvThe FlashTiming Camera Stand positions the camera up to 13 feet above the ground to provide a clear view of all the racing lanes. The rugged rubber wheels make it easy to move, mount the camera and store the stand. Our light-weight aluminum telescoping pole allows you to position the camera 8 to 13 feet from the base. The adjustable feet and built-in levels ensure a true vertical stand in the plane of the finish line.
The stand comes with a camera clamp for mounting any camera cover and is its own versatile tool. This tool, with 2 socket heads, is all you need to set up your camera stand and secure the camera pole and camera clamp in place.


  • Solid steel base weighs 135lbs and will stand up in heavy winds.
  • Adjustable feet and built-in level make it easy to correct for sloping ground.
  • Rugged wheels ensure easy moving.
  • Additional camera mounts are available to add backup
    timing camera.
  • Optional bar bell weight adapters add extra ballast in extra
    windy conditions.



One person can easily move and setup the camera.