We LOVE the FlashTiming system. I’ve gone from having to have 8 timers to one (back up timer only) on the track…The meets are so much smoother, faster, and accurate…Since moving to the radio transmitters, the program is even easier.”

Mark Ward, Head Coach, Track & Field/Cross Country, Central Kitsap High School, Silverdale, Washington

…the best aspect of the system is that it makes it almost impossible to miss timing a race. The system allows you to insert the winning time of a race and it will calculate the remaining times of the remaining runners…I would and have recommended Flashtiming to all my friends and colleagues. You will not be disappointed with this system, for the price I believe there is no system out there better.”

Tony RodriguezHead Track Coach, Tulare Western High SchoolTulare CA CIF Central Station

Your new start-timing system was very impressive…the starter (a veteran) liked it, and during a check before the meet…there was a large group of athletes from the same school standing in the middle of the football field, and I purposely tried the check to see if it still registered, and it did. The starter also liked to hear the beep, which assured him that the timing was going. I appreciated being able to judge finishes with a brighter screen…”

Dave JokischCarlinville, IL

Last Saturday, we ran our Grizzly Invitational.  We had over 30 teams and 1200 athletes.  The FAT-60 worked flawlessly!  I decided to measure how long it was taking us to run the 300 IM hurdles.  We had 14 heats of girls and 14 heats of boys.  With this system, we were starting a race every 90 seconds or so.  Amazing!  The race itself lasts about 45 sec!  We operated with 3 computers networked and were able to stay caught up, even with the huge numbers of heats in each event.  Without an affordable system like yours, it would be impossible to run such a large meet in a timely fashion.”

Drew Neilson, Logan High School, Logan UT

…I wanted to let you know the new FTAT 60 I purchased last year worked great! We used 3 computers and finished a 10 team 4 division meet in 5 ½ hours…..over 700 athletes. Thanks for your product!”

Mark Stout, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, TX

Your timing system and software are great. We have sped up the time to run meets by over 25%. It is very easy to teach new people how to operate the system. The starters have had no problem using the radio starter…”

Dean Stewart, Anna High School, Anna, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you that our FlashTiming system worked flawless at the district meet that we hosted last week. We didn’t miss a race the entire meet. The coaches appreciated being able to send FAT times to state.”

Scott Spink, Dayton HS, Dayton, OR

…Also, I will like to let you know that we love our timing system. We hosted 8 meets, including our conference championships this season, and we are more than happy with your product. A veteran starter told me that the starter podium is the best he has used and he loves the red/green light system.
I think is a great, somehow easy to use system and fits perfect the needs of any HS team. Thank you!

Martin Palavicini, PhD, Clovis West High School, Men’s & Women’s High Performance Chair, USATRACK&FIELD Central California

The timing system was awesome and was accurate every time and easy to use for coaches who are barely computer literate. Thanks very much for your great service.”

Britt Narrell, Troup High School, Troup Texas

These are great products at a great company.

Jeffrey Holcombe, F.A.T. Timing Representative, De Queen Track and Field High School, De Queen, AR