FlashTiming works with most popular meet management programs:

FlashTiming makes it easy to transfer times into your meet management application. Our integrated solution streamlines the process of capturing and reviewing video, recording the race times and scoring the meet. By networking your computers, data exchange between FlashTiming and your meet management application is seamless.

See Capture Screen for FT•FAT60

See Capture Screen for FT•FAT200

See Review Screen for FT•FAT60 & FT•FAT200

  • The list of events created in your meet management application is displayed in FlashTiming’s capture screen so your capture official knows the schedule and which race is next.
  • File names are automatically assigned to the captured videos from the list of events for easy race identification.
  • Seeded race participants and lane assignments are displayed when reviewing video and determining times.
  • Race results are saved to your meet management folder for easy import into your meet management application.