FT-FAT90 and FT-FAT200

FT-FAT200 Fully Automatic Timing System is a digital-based timing system with fast frame rate and high resolution.

The FT-FAT200 is a video-based system with frame rates up to 200FPS (one frame every 0.005 second). At 200FPS, a typical sprinter moves less than the width of the finish line between video frames. The video camera has a resolution of 600×800 for a sharp image and increased visibility of hip numbers.  The FT-FAT200 exceeds NCAA FAT requirements and can be upgraded to our FT-FATLS Plus.

FT-FAT90 Fully Automatic Timing System is our entry level system at 90 frames per second. 

The FT-FAT90 is a video-based system with all the same features of our FT-FAT200 system at a reduced frame rate and price. It’s ideal for schools that want FAT but are on a tight budget. What’s more, organizations can update to the FT-FAT200 or FT-FAT LS Plus at a later date!

Review saved videos while capturing. Our software lets you capture and record video while reviewing saved videos from previous races. You can review the video on the same computer used for capturing or on a second networked computer. 

Easy to use. Our software is intuitive and takes little training. Finding help to run your meet is a hassle, but with FlashTiming, volunteers can come up to speed on how to use the system within minutes. 

The system includes intelligent radio-linked units for both the starter and timer, and our software captures and plays back the videos. Finish line images of each race are recorded for photo-finish results. The race time is encoded on each frame of the video and is saved to your computer’s hard drive. 

Playback and review of captured results are easy. Position the runner on the finish line and click on the runner’s lane or name in the table. After all the athletes’ times are recorded, transfer the results to your meet management application with a click of a mouse.