Download FlashTiming Demo

See for yourself how easy it is to use FlashTiming.

FT-FAT Demo includes race videos for both FT-FAT LS Plus and FT-FAT200.

Download FT-FAT



(supporting FT-FAT LS Plus, FT-FAT200, FT-FAT90, and FT-FAT120 with version 2 camera)

Quick Start Instructions for FlashTiming Demo

  1. Download and install program, SetupDemo.
  2. Start FT-FAT Demo and click Review Only.
  3. Click OK in the Configure Window
  4. Select a Video in the list and click Open Video.
  5. For Line Scan Image:
    Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the preview area to move the line scan image.
    Click the preview area and drag the time line cursor to an athlete’s torso
  6. For Video:
    Advance video so the Athlete’s torso is on the finish line.
  7. Click the athlete in the list. You can identify the athlete by their lane or hip number
  8. Click Save Times when all athletes’ times are recorded.