Fully Automatic Timing or FAT is a timing system in which the clock is automatically activated by the starting device, and the finish time is determined by analysis of a photo finish.

Our innovative radio-linked systems and easy-to-use software:

Coordinate readiness between the starter and timer officials
Capture and save time-encoded video of the finish line
Review the captured video
Record the athletes’ times
Transfer results to your meet management application

Our FT-FAT systems are radio-linked, so there’s no need to wire the starter.

The system allows the starter and timing officials to signal to each other that they’re prepared for the next race. Everyone is ready when it’s time to start the race. FT-FAT is reliably triggered by a .22 or .32 caliber starting pistol, or optionally, an electronic gun.

Our FT-FAT systems include a digital video camera, starter radio unit, USB linked timer radio unit, POE/Switch and software. The camera is enclosed in a  weather resistant housing, which is machined from a solid block of aluminum and is well sealed to resist inclement weather.

Our digital camera requires a 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection and comes with 25Ft of Cat6 Ethernet cable and a 1GB POE/switch to connect your computers and power the camera.  Additional Ethernet cabling is available.

Clear communication between the starter and timer Our systems provide two way communication between the starting official and the timing official, ensuring everyone is ready to capture each race.  The USB Radio is attached to the capture computer and is used to communicate with the Starter Unit and the Camera.  We provide a Patented Hand Shake* between Starter and Timing Officials, which lets the officials know everyone is ready for the next heat to start.

Wireless Starter Unit Dragging wires around the field is cumbersome, and with FlashTiming, there is no need for a cable between the starter and the timing system.  Our wireless starter unit has a precise crystal controlled clock.  It captures the start instance with a high degree of accuracy and our synchronizing method accounts for any radio transmission delays.

Compatible with a Variety of scoring packagesFlashTiming makes it easy to transfer times into your meet management application. By networking your computers, data exchange between FlashTiming and your meet management application is seamless. FlashTiming interfaces with most scoring packages including Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager, Athletic.net’s Run Meet, MeetPro, Easy Meet Manager and many more.

Automatic lighting control Track meets run in all types of weather and during the night.  Our software compensates for variation in lighting conditions during these times as much as possible.  Extra lighting may be necessary for late evening and night meets when stadium lighting does not produce enough light at the finish line.

Support for electronic guns The starter unit is configured to interface with most electronic starting guns, including Gill, VS Athletics and CEI E-guns.

UpgradeableOur new line of FT-FAT systems are based on the same architecture and are upgradeable to a higher model

Protecting your investment is standardOur water-resistant custom aluminum camera enclosure and hard-shell carrying case safeguards your system.  All backed by our 3-year warranty!

Free Customer Support We pride ourselves on premium customer service and satisfaction. Knowledgeable team members are available to assist you everyday, 8AM-11PM, Pacific Time.





CPU with benchmark “CPU Mark” of 5000 or greater (3500 or greater for the FT-FAT90)*
• 8GB of Ram
• 200GB Hard Drive
• 1366 x 768 Screen Resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
• USB 2.0
• 1Gbps Ethernet Port or recommended 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter
• Windows 10 or later, 64bit OS
* Performance may vary depending on CPU variables. Go to www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php to determine your CPU’s capability.
Find your CPU Name by typing in “About your CPU” in the Windows search box.
Frame rates are adjustable
to accommodate slower processors.