Simultaneous Area View and Line Scan View

The line scan area shows a composite of the many line scans, each happening at the line scan rate. When the cursor is placed on any of the these lines, an area view of the finish line is also shown so that the timing official can see what activity is happening at that instant ahead and behind the finish line.

Area scan and line scan from the same camera, at the same time. 
Line scan cameras allow you to more precisely get a time for a runner, but the image is distorted. Video cameras show the whole picture, but are slow. Our camera gives both advantages in one solution, saving you money and simplifying setup.

Frame Rates up to 1000 FPS
Frame rates of 500-1000FPS are optimal for determining when an athlete’s torso crosses the finish line and breaking ties. Higher frame rates are not necessary for evaluating athletes’ movements.

Easy to set up
Point the camera at the general direction of the finish line then set the exact finish line.  The camera does not need to be perfectly vertical. Software compensates for slight misalignments greatly reducing the time required to physically place the camera on the finish line.




Easily score the race
Our software is designed to help you navigate easily through the race video and record finish times. A new timing official can come up to speed on the process quickly. It interfaces with all major meet management software streamlining your meet.

Full frame video 
We offer two solutions in one. Use the system as either a line scan or full-frame video camera. FT-FAT LS Plus can be configured to run as a video camera with frame rates up to 200fps. Pick the setup that is best for your needs.

Automatic lighting control  Track meets run in all types of weather and during the night. This means the lighting conditions change. But you don’t have to worry about having to change the image brightness for each race, because our software does this for you.

Clear communication between the starter and timer  Our system provides two way communication between the starting official and the timing official, ensuring everyone is ready to capture each race.

Wireless start— Dragging wires around the field is cumbersome. We recognize this and capture the start instance with a high degree of accuracy with a radio link and precise crystal control clocks.   

USB Radio – The radio is attached to the capture computer and is used to communicate with the Starter Unit and the Camera.  We provide a Patented Hand Shake* between Starter and Timing Officials, which lets the official know everyone is ready for the next heat to start.
US Patent 8,675,452

Protecting your investment is standard — Our water-resistant custom aluminum camera enclosure and hard-shell carrying case safeguards your system.  All backed by our 3-year warranty!

A Sturdy Travel Case is provided to safely transport the FT-FATLS Plus system.


Free Customer Support – We pride ourselves on premium customer service and satisfaction. Knowledgeable team members are available to assist you everyday, 8AM-11PM, 

• Pentium i5 2.5Ghz or better**
• 8GB of Ram
• 200GB Hard Drive
• 1366 x 768 Screen Resolution (1980 x 1080 recommended)
• USB 2.0
• 1Gbps Ethernet Port
• Windows 7 or later, 64bit OS
** Performance may vary depending on CPU variables. Frame rates are adjustable to accommodate slower processors.