Simultaneous Area View and Line Scan View

Area scan and line scan from the same camera, at the same time. 

FlashTiming’s line scan camera and software allow you to quickly determine a precise finishing time for the athlete. Our unique video window helps with close races and determining lanes.

The line scan window (lower, right) shows a composite image created from the high speed video frames of the athletes crossing the finish line, making it easier to see when athletes cross the line. Timing an athlete is as fast as clicking on the line where the athlete first crosses the finish line. The video frame (above) tracks the line scan cursor, showing the activity ahead and behind the finish line.

Review the race while capturing
No need to wait until the end of the race to review the video and determine the results. Our FT-FATLS Plus allows you to review the line scan image of the current race while you are capturing the video. The race can be scored as soon as the last runner crosses the finish line.

Frame Rates up to 1000FPS
Frame rates of 500-1000FPS are optimal for determining when an athlete’s torso crosses the finish line and for breaking ties. NCAA rules that ties shall be broken for the purpose of determining place or advancement in (FAT) by reading the picture to the accuracy available within the same race, but not greater than 1/1000th of a second between races.

Easy to set up
No need to break out the laser levels and plumb bobs when placing the camera at the finish line, The camera does not need to be perfectly vertical – just place and go!  Software compensates for slight misalignments greatly reducing the time required to physically place the camera on the finish line.




Easily score the race
Our software is designed to help you navigate easily through the race video and record finish times. A new timing official can come up to speed on the process quickly. It interfaces with all major meet management software streamlining your meet.

Full frame video 
FT-FATLS Plus offers two solutions in one. Use the system as either a line scan or full-frame video camera. FT-FATLS Plus can be configured to run as a video camera with frame rates up to 200FPS. Pick the setup that is best for your needs.