FlashTiming’s FT-Display Mobile is a multi-sport wireless LED display and timer. It’s full featured and ideal for a variety of timing purposes, informational messages and advertisements. The display can be controlled by FT-FAT software or any device running either iOS or Android operating system, such as your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet.

FT-Display Mobile works directly with all FlashTiming’s FT-FAT systems to automatically start the race clock and display race entries and results.

Race Clock — starts automatically when the gun goes off or can be started manually with FlashTiming’s built-in stopwatch. As an option, stop or pause the clock on the first bookmark or with the added photo beam to show the winning time. The race clock will automatically reset when a race is recalled.
Place multiple race clocks around the track so runners can see their split times.

FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display

Race Results

Results and Entries — display entries of the upcoming race and results after each event. FlashTiming can display each participant’s name, team affiliation and lane position. Post race results on the display after each race.

In addition to the FlashTiming program, use your Android or iOS device to operate the FT-Display Mobile in one of 9 modes:

FAT Race Clock — Control the FAT Race Clock with just your smartphone or tablet or in conjunction with the FT-FAT fully automatic timing system. The display automatically detects the start of a race when connected to the display via FlashTiming software. The race clock can also be started manually with your mobile device.

FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display

Race Clock and StopWatch with Lap Counter

StopWatch — Use on race day or during practice. The clock counts up from a designated start time and can track lap and split times. Lap and split times are reported on your mobile device and optionally shown on the display. Use the lap counter to keep track of the number of laps completed or remaining in an event. Optionally, sound the buzzer when the clock is stopped or started.

Timer — This mode counts down from a designated start time. Use it to countdown to an event or ensure that athletes are completing a workout in a designated time. Sound the buzzer when the clock reaches zero.

FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display Segment Timer

Period Clock

Period Clock — Use as a game clock in an athletic event, such as a soccer or basketball game, or to keep your practice on schedule with the Auto Advance and Interim features. The clock can count up or down and up to 9 periods. Time is displayed in minutes and seconds, with 1/10 seconds for the last ten seconds when counting down. Set the Auto Advance feature and use FT-Display Mobile on the practice field to keep your workouts on schedule. Optionally, set an interim time between drills to allow for transition or rest. Period lengths can be the same duration or set to varying lengths.

FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display Cross Country Clock

Cross Country

Cross Country — Multiple displays can be positioned along the race course with each one showing the sign location, current race time, course length, and predicted finish time based on the current pace. Assign a smartphone or tablet to each FT-Display Mobile, or capture the start with one device and synchronize each display from that device (this requires connecting to each display’s hot spot pre-race).

Interval Clock — This mode is designed for paced workouts with scheduled rest periods. The buzzer will sound at the beginning and end of each interval and can be configured to sound at multiple points per interval to indicate pace.

FT-DISPLAY Wireless LED Display

Touch Pad with 2 Athletes

Touch Pad — Add a touchpad and photo beam to your FT-Display Mobile and use it for speed and agility tests to accurately benchmark your athletes. Use it to time the 40 year dash, 5-10-5 shuttle, or test your sprinter’s times out of the blocks. Add a second touchpad and photo beam to time two athletes simultaneously.
Touchpad and photo beam can be configured to arm automatically or manually. The athlete’s time is shown on the display when the beam is broken and reported on your mobile device.

Field Results — Use FT-Display Mobile as a performance board at field events, with results shown in metric, English or set to toggle between both units. Athletes’ names can be displayed above their results.

Text Display — Display announcements and advertisements in one of three available font sizes.

Includes Display, Tripod, Hard Shell Carrying Case with Wheels

Add up to 2 Photo Beams and Touch Pads:
Photo Beam……..$350.00 each
Touch Pad………..$250.00 each
(includes 150 ft cable and reel)



Technical Specifications and Features
The FT-Display Mobile steel case is water and weather resistant. It’s perfect for outdoors even in bright sunlight.

  • 6 inch LED letters with brightness control
  • 16 x 96 pixels at 10mm pitch, readable from 300 ft
  • Portable, battery powered with a 10 hour battery life
  • Programmable 115db buzzer
  • Water resistant, powdered coated, steel case
  • Display Weight: 30 lbs
  • Display Dimensions: 38″L x 6.5″H x 5″D
  • Shipping Weight with case: 61 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 46″L x 20″H x 9″D