A second camera can be added to any existing FAT90, FAT120, FAT200, or LS Plus system. Set up the second camera at a secondary finish location and easily switch between cameras.

FT90 / FT-FAT200

90fps and 200fps IP Finish Line Camera
Our video camera requires a 1Gigabit Ethernet connection and comes with 25Ft Cat6 Ethernet cable. The camera is enclosed in a weather resistant housing, which is machined from a solid block of aluminum and is well sealed to resist inclement weather.  

FT-FAT90 Camera Price…………$2000.00
FT-FAT200 Camera Price……….$3750.00


Area scan and line scan from the same camera, at the same time. 
The LS Plus camera includes all the same features of the FAT200 camera with the added ability to record line scan video at a rate of 1000 frames per second. Line scan cameras allow you to more precisely get a time for a runner, but the image is distorted. Video cameras show the whole picture, but are slow. Our camera gives both advantages in one solution, saving you money and simplifying setup.

LS Plus Camera Price…………$5500.00.